Whether you rented a boat or you have your own boat, we provide the captain so you can relax with friends and enjoy the water. 

Why rent a captain?

Available whenever you need them, morning, afternoon, or evening.

Enjoy more time with friends, so you do not have to focus on driving the boat.

Our captains have experience maneuvering a variety of watercraft and will make sure your boat is handled with care.

Anyone operating a boat is required to have a Boater's Safety License if under 30 years old, our Captains have that.

If you are driving a boat you must stay below .08 BAC, our Captains are not allowed to drink.

Please keep in mind the captain is considered a passenger on your vessel, so including him your party cannot exceed the boat's capacity.

How It Works

Just tell us when you want the Captain to be there, how long you want them, and where to meet you. He will be there, ready to embark.

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If you need a boat, rent a vessel from one of our partners.